Join us for the Summer 2017!

Full stack engineering interns will design and build new features from top to bottom, crafting UIs with modular JavaScript and building back end services with Java.

Technologies used: Java, JavaScript

Full Stack


Front end engineering interns at Squarespace strive to push the envelope of what is possible in a web browser. We seek talented JavaScript coders with strong design sensibilities and a desire to create interfaces that are a delight to use.

Technologies used: JavaScript (ES6, React, alt, YUI3), CSS (css-modules, LESS), HTML

Front End


Back end engineering interns will focus on building the engine that powers millions of websites. You will work on challenges associated with scaling our service: caching, storage, performance, user analysis and security, to name a few.

Technologies used: Java, MongoDB or Postgres, Hadoop

Back End


Our Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) interns will be ensuring that customers around the world are able to access Squarespace sites, that they load quickly, and that all features working properly, while working alongside our product and security team.

Technologies used: Java, Python, Docker

Site Reliability


Machine learning interns will work with our incredibly rich data sources—of both content creation and user behavior—to craft a better experience for our users. 

Technologies used: Python3, TensorFlow, ScikitLearn, Annoy, Spark, Docker, Mesos

Machine Learning


Mobile interns will work to improve our current iOS and Android apps—from revitalizing the user interface to building new features that will be used by millions of our customers.

iOS Technologies: Swift, ReactiveCocoa
Android technologies: Java, RxJava, Retrofit2



Security interns will work closely with teams across the organization to build programs and processes that secure the platform powering millions of websites. 

Technologies used: Python, Java



Design interns will have the opportunity to work on projects focused around brand marketing, product design, and templates.